Cost of adding additional group

We have a Venturing crew which is a off shoot of our troop. How is this handled? we keep them separate from each other,Also what would the cost be?


The multiple troop discount is $89 per year for the second troop.

How do I set up the second account?


Just log out of TroopTrack and start the new account as a Venturing Crew. Then you can test it out for 30 days. Then give us a call because we will have to do payment over the phone to apply the discount.

Let me know if you need any help!

Along those same lines, if we come along side one that already has TT, lost their charter, we take up their charter until recharter, they have TT, would I transfer their TT ownership to us until they recharter? Clear as mud??

Not entirely sure what you mean. If your troop is absorbing another troop, we can add one troop’s subscription to the end of yours. That wouldn’t be a problem. If I’m misunderstanding, just let me know.