Journey To Excellence Service Hours JTE

Here are some more specific details on reporting service hours for JTE. Participation book is close but, we need outside participation. Both Youth and Adult guest service hours impact to the community. I would like to see additional service detail added to event creation. Then enable that detail to be tracked and reported on. I can prioritize as follows:

Important service hour detail:
*** Scout Youth - hours spent participating in event
*** Non Scout Youth (Guest Youth) - hours spent participating in the event
*** Registered Leader - Hours spent participating in the event
*** Other adult (Guest Adult) - Hours spent participating in the event
*** Report this detail by event with subtotal by participant and event totals.

Nice to have
*** Classify the event by the following categories

  • Messengers of Peace
  • Healthy Living
  • BSAdopt-a-School
  • Shelter
  • US Military Families
  • Food
  • Other Services

Really nice to have:
*** Add sub categories to the service event classifications listed above per the attached graphic.

I am working my Woodbadge ticket. One of my goals is to improve the efficiency of end of the year Journey to Excellence reporting for the troop targeting the reporting of service hours and projects. Ideally export from TroopTrack import to JTE Dashboard. That is unrealistic as the JTE Dashboard is slated for rebuild. So tracking of service project information then reporting from TT in detail friendly for entry into JTE Dashboard seems realistic short to mid-term. I have screen shots of the dashboard in this entry for those interested, see last entry in the following thread:

https://community[Thoughts on the acquisition of by BSA (05/04/2015)]