JTE dates and numbers

Is there a way to run a report that will show the events of the PAST year (similar to year at a glance) with number attended?

ps. A Troop Track / BSA JTE how to would be fabulous.

Hi @TiffanyHigginson1,

Please go to Manage > Reports > Events Report, name the report, choose what fields you’d like to include and hit “Create Report”. That should do what you need it to do.


Thanks! That helped a bit. I had trouble filtering out the info I didn’t want. I specified camping nights but still got every activity. Once I pulled to Excel, I was able to play with it.
Gathering end of year data is necessary for everyone. It would be cool to have theses preset to help us out.

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Any assistance with JTE reporting would be a HUGE bonus!


Do you have something specific in mind?

The most helpful thing would be an enhancement to the Participation Book. While we can report on individual dens, It doesn’t separate adults or leaders from youths. Attendance reporting still has to be done manually.

Will you please make that a separate request in the “Ideas” category. Mention the enhancement, but also please let me know exactly what info you need so we can get a better idea on how to proceed.

Thank you!


Here is our Boy Scout level JTE form.

Cub Scouts is very similar.

Basically we have to account for the events we enter as: camping, court of honor, PLC, Committee, etc. We have to populate attendance of youth. We have to give numbers of new members.

That brings up another hook up. We need a way to unregister a scout without completely deleting him. A scout may quit or move mid year and still need to account for him at the end of the year. If we delete them, it messes up our day, nights, miles.

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Here are some more specific details on reporting service hours for JTE. Participation book is close but, we need outside participation. Both Youth and Adult guest service hours impact to the community.