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Hello! The last topic search I can find on JTE is from November 2018. Has there been any improvement made to the ability to run reports that meet the needs of JTE service hours reporting?

Each year, at about this time, many threads include this topic. I just isn’t being addressed. Every BSA unit must complete these reports annually and you have our data. I can run 4 different CSV files, filter, subtotal, and transcribe. That just seems crazy to have to do.

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What would an ideal JTE report look like and include to make it easier on our BSA troops?

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The items that could potentially be gotten from TT data with some specific queries might be:
All based on Calendar Year
Register new members by October 31st Bronze, and increase youth membership, by 5% or have 40 members Silver, or by 10% or have 60 members Gold.
75% of second year Webelos complete The Scouting Adventure Bronze, 60% of Webelos register with a Troop Silver, 80% of Webelos register with a troop Gold. Perhaps a new date field for Registered with Troop?
Advancement 50% advance one rank Bronze, 60% Silver, 75% Gold
Outdoor activities, perhaps with the calendar 3 activities Bronze, 4 Silver, 5 Gold
Camping, again Calendar driven 33% camp Bronze, 50% Silver, 75% Gold.
Pack and Den Meetings 8 Pack meetings Bronze, plus Den meetings twice a month Silver, plus earn Summertime Pack Award Gold
Register new members, and increase youth membership, by 5% or have 25 members Silver, or by 10% or have 35 members Gold.
Advancement 40% advance one rank Bronze, 50% Silver, 60% Gold
Short Term Camping, 1 to 3 nights, conduct 4 Bronze, 7 Silver, 9 Gold
Long Term Camping 4 or more Nights Bronze, 60% attend Silver, 70% Gold

There are also Crew, Ship and Post Specific JTE scorecards. Here is the website that contains all the scorecards to really get all the specifics on what BSA is looking for, of course not all the data can be gotten from TT. My solution to figuring out my JTE percentages has been to create a Spreadsheet with my roster and have columns for the different items and I put an “x” then have formulas that count the columns and give me percentages for Continuing, New, Webelos, Rank Advancement and Camping.

Here is an example of my JTE Calculations Spreadsheet in Google.

The specific item she was asking about being Service Project hours would be another Calendar based report to pull only service projects and how many hours.