Left troop - how do i delete account?

We are no longer members of the trail life troop but we’re still getting emails about events on their calendar. how do i remove myself and my son from the troop? or really, just close the troop track account, as it’s not needed anymore.

You need to ask your troop leader to deactivate all of your TT accounts (one for each family member). Once you do that, you shouldn’t receive emails from the Troop but might still get them from TLUSA, which you can remove yourself by clicking the remove on one of those national emails.

From what I’ve heard, the troop has basically fallen apart. I don’t know who the leader is now, nor who to ask, or if that person knows anything about TT - the emails I’m getting show no scheduled events. Can you make it possible for members to remove themselves from a troop for instances like this?