Limit records in a custom report

I’ve created a custom report, but I want to limit which records are pulled for the report. I see that I can sort, but can I limit it to only pulling for example Scouts in one patrol or all leaders or everyone attending a particular event?

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This gets back to a feature I requested some time ago - that we should have the ability to FILTER the data we want in the reports. For example, I want a custom “event report” for all events BETWEEN Nov 1st 2017 and Mar 31st 2018. Since I can’t do that, I have to download the whole event file to csv/Excel and then spend time customizing it to fit my needs. THIS HAS TO BE FIXED!


I favorited this. We are attempting to perform event report for submission for charter renewal (I’m surprised there’s not a charter renewal feature already).

I know the participation book has the summary option. But we would also like this available for events so that we can review past events for the year.