Ability to filter data for reports

I have brought this subject up several times already (as have many other subscribers) but to date there has been no positive response or action taken.
We need to be able to filter the data for our reports so we can limit the output. For example:
I create a custom Calendar report every month for our Committee, which lists the events on the calendar for the next 3 months. What I get from TT is a list of all the events going back to our beginning out to the end of whatever’s on the Calendar. What I need are filters to allow me to select the time frame, and the type of event(s).
I need to do the same type of filtering with things like service hours, camping nights, etc. for JTE reporting.
I do not see this as an impossible request, and I’ve been asking for it for two years. When will something be done???


This is something on our priority list. Unfortunately, it takes time for us to work through all of the things on that list, since we have only one developer. We are really small company - just three people - so it can sometimes take us awhile to implement all of the suggestions we get, especially during our busiest time of year (from about mid-August to mid- or late-October). But I this is definitely something we are trying to work on. :slight_smile:


I would second this as a priority. A custom user report is not as useful if I can filter by patrol, adults, scouts, or other criteria.

I do agree this is important and thank you @KelsieC for the reply letting us know it is on the list.