Lion Badge Rank

I am overlooking the Lion Badge/Rank??

Hi @MistyBrandon-Cotton,

The Lion level is available, but I don’t believe there is a Lion Rank or badge yet. I just checked and it looks like it is still in the pilot program and the Lion Cub requirements are not fully finalized.

If you have a more recent source, please do share. We’d like to make it available as soon as everything is finalized.

Here’s the one I looked at:

hmmm, not sure about the permanence of it yet, but we are entering their Lion Rank in Internet Advancement and the BSA is issuing them a rank patch for completing the program. at least for these scouts in the pilot program, the Lion Rank will be on their BSA record. it’s definitely not a necessity yet, I may even create a custom award just so I can record their completion date (it’ll be easier to update their TT file if I have everything already in there!) Thanks!