Finding Cub's rank status

It’s the end of the year, and time to send a final reminder to parents to get any Cub requirements complete that they may have missed.
For my own child, I can go to the Dashboard and click on “Wolf Badge (2016+)” and see an easy list of percentages of what she’s done and what she’s missing. Is there anything that simple for my entire den? I can go to Badge Book and manipulate things a bit, but it’s more work and other Den Leaders aren’t as patient/savvy as I am.
Alternately, I can go to “Incomplete Achievement Book” and maybe that’s better, but it’s still a lot of clicking for my lazy people.
Anything I’m missing??

After a day of poking around, I found the answer to my own question! Putting it here in case anybody else wants to know:
Go to Manage -> Reports -> Requirement Details Report
Then under the filter bar at the top (note: NOT the green “Filter” button) Choose Acheivement -> Cub Scout Award -> then choose your rank badge (like “Wolf Badge (2016+)”)
This shows a list of the kids working towards that badge, a % complete, and a check mark for all the requirements they have completed. It’s a wonderful at-a-glance chart.

Hope this helps somebody else!

There is also Progress Report from the Manage Den page, there is a bug where it shows the 2015 Badge and not 2016, hopefully that will be updated @KelsieC, but once you change it shows % complete of the Badge, it does not show what specific requirements are missing but way less clicking to get info for a specific Den.