Logging into multiple Troops/Organizations

Wondering how you handle the following:
We have parents that have a daughter in AHG and a son in Trail Life and both organizations use TroopTrack. What is the simplest setup to allow people to log into AHG and then Trail Life within TroopTrack?

I think I may have found something to help but still not sure how people should be setup in multiple organizations. And how you would know someone’s account username to help them in the process.

Yes, that is exactly what you need. They can find their account username by going to their name menu in the upper part of the site and select Preferences. The window looks like this with their username listed under login. As an admin you can find account usernames from Manage, Members, User Accounts.

@AaronStorey Thanks for the quick response, confirmation and details on getting their account details. I am working through testing this and writing up documentation for our troop(s).