One adult, two roles


I have an adult who is both the AOL and Tiger Den leader. How do I set up Troop Track to have her listed as both? I added both under her leadership, but can only see her under Tiger.

I also am having a problem with her account. From my end everything looks good. She’s listed as a registered member and has an account. From her end, she can’t log on; even after I resent her password stuff.

We had this problem. User did not have the correct username for her account.

Double check their username and email address (Manage > Members > User Accounts for AHG), and make sure they are using the right ones.

Users can change their username if they don’t like the default.

@mwestcott did a great job of answering the second questions. In most cases, that’s exactly what is going on - the parent/user doesn’t have the correct user name and/or password. Sometimes, it is also because they are trying to go to the troop’s page to log in (ex: instead of the regular front page of TT to log in. However, this is typically only an issue with users who were able to log in before but can’t now.

As of right now, users can only be in one den, at least on TT. If you would like them to show up in two different dens, they will need to have two different accounts. Otherwise they can only show up in one den or the other.

If this is a feature you would like us to create, please look in the Ideas section and see if another user has suggested it and add your comment/support to their post. If an existing post doesn’t already exist, feel free to create your own and if it generates enough interest, we can go ahead and take a look at it!