Looking ahead a little bit... (02/03/2016)

We are always working on the small bugs and feature requests you send us, but we also spend some time working on the big picture stuff. Ever wonder what that includes? Here's a quick rundown of some of the things in various stages of development at TroopTrack.

1) Public events. Sell tickets to your pancake breakfast or regional camp to the general public online.

2) Support for subdomains in emails. When this goes live, you will be able to send emails to everyone@pack31.trooptrack.mail, etc. This is a big change that will enable lots of cool features we can't do without it.

3) A comprehensive user guide that is integrated with the platform. How would you like a link that shows you a list of all user guide pages related to the page you are on? We think that would help a lot.

4) Search engine optimization for your troop web pages

Other stuff that is high on the list:

1) A workflow for parents to report progress on awards
2) Completely redesigning the way AHG service stars get calculated
3) A "low-profile" header that uses less vertical space

I hope you find this list exciting. Have a great day!

~ Dave

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When will this go live? We’re getting ready to make some changes with who is our webmaster and thought it would be good to implement any email changes beforehand.