Make declining an RSVP easier

With event payments turned on (we use scout accounts or credit card) saying you are “not going” requires you to “Proceed to Payment” and then pay zero dollars. This does work but I would call this a bit clunky and it may scare off users who don’t want to click “proceed to payment” thinking they may be charged. My idea is to eliminate the “payment” step for declining an RSVP.


We’ve talked about this and I wrote up a suggested enhancement report. The reason it does this now is because the rsvp notes are on the last page and it wants you to have the ability to leave one, but I’ve recommended some changes to streamline this process.


I wish I could like this 10 times.

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Yes, please! The proceed to payment option causes confusion for our parents all of the time.

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Much agreed - if there’s no payment involved - why mention the word “PAYMENT”?
This scares the heck out of some users. The button should have a different caption if no payment is involved.

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