Changing Repeating Events

General question…let’s say I set up meetings that occur on the 1st Monday for a whole year, then realize that I put in the wrong time. Is there a way to change all of them at once? I have been going in to edit each individually. I do however, like being able to edit individual recurrences without effecting the others. (Due to holidays some of our meetings get moved a day or so or to off week) Guess I’m thinking, does it work similar to Apple calendar where you have option of editing either that event only or all future events?

Hi @saintvahg,

Go to Plan > Meeting Schedules to see a list of your recurring meetings. The very top button on each event is “Edit Schedule”. Click that button. You will see a notice at the top that says:

“Changes will apply to all future events
Making any changes to the meeting schedule will delete all future events and recreate them with the changes you make here, so … be careful.”

Make your changes and press “Save & Continue”. Confirm that everything looks good, then press “Save Events” and all of your future events will be updated.

Thank you!

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