Member catagory

We are a successful, veteran venturing crew. As such, many of the record devices we used as BS and or CS don’t fit our needs.
For instance, in an attempt to track and record youths birthday at 18 yoa, following which they become participants instead of traditional youths in the crew. They must submit an adult application accompanied by proof of a YPT class, and submit the doc’s to council in order to remain in the crew past their 18th birthday.
They do not however become classified as an adult until 21 yoa, and do not have the same privileges as an adult, but they are not traditional youths either.
Can you create a third device for Venturing crews to record Adults, Participants, and youth?

Thank You Rich Beatty, COR, VC 422

The quickest solution might be to add a leadership position that identifies them as “Participants”.

Would you like to try that out and see how it looks?