Sea Scout Account Questions

Is it possible to be able to add OA information to the Sea Scout platform? Even though OA is not a part of the program directly we do have a few duel enrolled scouts with Land Scout units who are in the OA. It would be nice to track that.

Is there a way to enter vehicle / driver information for people who are categorized as youth in their profiles? Sea Scouts serve ages 14-21 so we do deal with drivers. It would be nice to be able to have their information on record. When you go to manage crew and look at a youth account, there is a section for driver info but there is no place to enter data. Can this be added?

@Spencer, what do you think about the OA request?

I was just curious if there was any answer to these questions on youth driver info and the OA?

So there’s a cub scout rank for the OA report that I don’t think Sea Scouts use. We can add the report if we remove that rank requirement. Is that okay?

That would be fine. Quite frankly, all we are looking for is a way to track if A) are they in the OA and then B) When did they receive each Honor level. (Ordeal, Brotherhood, Vigil)

@JustinWeaver, I’ve just finished some updates that will let BSA Ships track OA information. These updates are not live yet, but they will include three new pages:

  • On each user’s profile there will be an OA tab where the data can be edited
  • There will be a Canned report called the Order of the Arrow Report that will show OA information for all the members of your ship
  • You will also be able to use the OA Eligibility Report, which shows whether users are eligible for the OA based on camping nights and their current rank.


Looks great. Can the Scouts enter their own information or do they need any specific privilege turned on?

@JustinWeaver You need the Manage troop members privilege to make OA changes; I think most troops have one person enter the OA information for everyone.

I investigated this privilege with my test account. It really seems like this privilege opens up A LOT of features that I don’t want any member to have access to. Sure it allows the user to control their own leadership, OA info, medical info, etc… but it also opens up access to peoples vehicle information and allows them to create new crews and members.

Is there a way we can break this up so that a person has control over their own profile information like OA and their med form but not things like creating new users?

It just seems like an all or nothing privilege and it would be nice to have a middle ground between these two.

In other words, is there a way or can a way be created to allow the users to manage their own med forms, their own leadership history, and their own OA history without opening up everything that the “Manage Troop Members” privilege grants.

Also, to my original question. what about youth driver information. Our youth are 14-21 in sea scouting. Is there a way to enter that info for our youth drivers?

Hi @JustinWeaver,

I would start a new idea post for this request. I don’t think we can make that happen right away, like Spencer said, most troops just have one person who handles the private info, so for now I would find a way to make that work.

Thank you.

Not really sure how OA and unit leadership are private info but I understand the task may be large one to make a change like that. I’m a developer as well.

Thank you for your responses
It’s been very helpful

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