Venture Crew positions full listings

Would it be possible to add Venture Crew Leadership Positions - Treasurer, Vice President of Administration, and Vice President of Program (as they are separate positions). Also please mark them as a leadership position. We use troop track combined for both our Troop and Crew. Which works great for those who are still on the path to Eagle. But for my dual enrolled Girl Scouts, this doesn’t help them.

Are these youth or adult leadership positions? I have looked in our list of leadership positions and Treasurer is on the list, as is Administrative Vice President (not sure if this is the same thing as Vice President of Administration or not).

Youth. Thanks for looking into this. I know it is kinda goofy, but when you have an integrated group, it just makes it easier. Many are dual enrolled.

A Venturing crew has the following officer positions:

  • President.
  • Administrative Vice President.
  • Program Vice President.
  • Secretary.
  • Treasurer.
  • Guide.
  • Quartermaster.
  • Historian.

Micki Snyder

Committee Chair

Crew 2202/ Troop 202/ Pack 3201

Okay, all of those positions should show up when adding leadership for youth. :slight_smile: Let me know if they aren’t showing up for your youth. Otherwise, you should be all set.

Cool! Now if you can just let them be Merit Badge Councilors too, that would be great. I know… One step at a time.

Thanks again


I also found this file in my wondering. I had it for our elections this Fall to explain the positions to the scouts. Hopefully this helps to explain them a bit better.

Micki Snyder

Committee Chair

Pack 3201/Troop 202/ Crew 2202

It doesn’t look there is an attachment! :frowning: Could you email it to me at Thanks!