Membership Stars

Each girl receives 1 star per year, however, there is only 1 Membership Star to select under Daisy, Brownie, Junior, etc. Cadettes need 3. How do I acknowledge that the 2 or 3 stars have been recognized?


Thanks for asking @msxcary, I was just going to pose the exact same question. I am stumped.

Hi @msxcary and @troop147022,

I’d love to help y’all out further with this issue.

How many membership Stars should there be under Daisy, Brownie, Junior etc?

Also what kind of awards are these? As in “Daisy Journey Awards”, or some other category?

Screenshots would also be helpful, so I can get this added into the system for y’all!


David Keener

Thanks David, it would be great if you could help us with this. Here is a screenshot of where it appears in the dropdown.

The number of stars you can earn in each level is as follows:
Daisy - 2
Brownie - 2
Junior - 2
Cadette - 3
Senior - 2
Ambassador - 2

Hi y’all,

I fixed this issue by simply making all those awards repeatable, so now they can each be added twice to a girl at every level.

I went in and tested it on @msxcary account, and it let me add the blue disc to a daisy girl twice.

Let me know if this works for all levels.


David Keener

Awesome, thanks David!


I’m having this same problem with membership stars not repeatable. Is there something that I needed to update on TT to make these awards repeatable for my troop, now?