Merged troop question

How does an AHG member being moved into a new troop affect the merge he/she had with their old trail life troop? Will they need to remerge with the old trail life trooptrack account once moved over, or does it stay merged?

Hi @DeniseStaggs,

If you move an AHG user from one AHG troop to another AHG troop, they stay merged and there shouldn’t be any issues. If you try to transfer two merged users into the same troop account, that would create some chaos (we have to unmerge those first), but you should be fine just doing a regular transfer.

Dennis I will be facing this soon, but right now, whenever I log on it tells me that I have been deactivated from my trail life account and won’t allow me to see anything regarding my child in that troop, it also will not give me the option to go see the AHG troop. I was only able to see AHG stuff when I clicked on a link from an email AHG sent me regarding an event.

Please email me at and let me know what email address the accounts are under, the names of your family in each troop, and the troop numbers. Thanks! :slight_smile: