Connection with AHGConnect?


I am working with some families to start a new AHG troop, and I will be one of the board members for the new troop. I am also currently a registered leader with my daughter’s existing troop.

AHG National says that I can only be registered to one troop at a time, and that when they assign me to the board of the new troop, they will remove me from the current troop in AHGConnect.

When do changes from AHGConnect get propagated to TroopTrack? I plan to continue working with the girls in my daughter’s existing troop, but it seems like at some point I will not have access to their data in TT.


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Hi @mwestcott,

I’m not sure when changes in AHG Connect are made, but they only integrate with TroopTrack when someone does a manual integration with AHG Connect. That being said, it will not remove or take your account away from your existing troop, it will just create a new account in the new troop when the integration is done there. Unless someone in your current troop decides to delete or deactivate your account, you will continue to have access. You can even merge your two accounts to go back and forth with only one user name and password.

Thank you.

Thank you for the quick response!