Transferring child from one parent's account to another and/or merging a househole

My wife (who already had an account with her AHG troop), registered our son with our Trail Life troop before I was a leader. In doing so, she had to create another login with the Trail Life troop. Her two accounts have been merged and there is no problem there. I later decided to become a leader in the Trail Life troop and I now have an account with our troop, however, my wife and my son do not come up as part of my “household” on my account and likewise for me on my wife’s account (with the Trail Life account). Is there a way to merge our household under our Trail Life troop? Thanks in advance!

If you go into Manage - Members - Households you can change which household you are associated with. There isn’t a merge option I have found but from what I have seen the Household only really holds the Address. If there is some other information that is tied to Household I have not seen it perhaps others can chime in on any downside to switching households.