Merit Badge sort date/ filter

Could you please add a sort/ filter to the merit badge book, so when we go to give report to our Host organization we do not have to go through all merit badges for all scouts. We would like to be able to set a date range to show completed merit badges.
Thank you

Hi @CraigPatterson1,

Sorry for the long wait time. There is already that option added to the rank book currently. If you go to “achieve” and then “rank book” that’ll pull up your rank book. Then in the top right you’ll see some categories “all patrols” , “all members” , etc. (This changes based on the unit type). If you click on those you can change what patrols you see, you can change what members you see, there’s even an “all ranks” which will show you only specific merit badges for scouts. You can also click on “awarded” to show only ones that have been awarded , and only showing completed ones as well.

Currently there is not an option for a date range in the merit badge book, but there are other ways of filtering. I will put an inquiry to our tech team about having a date range in the merit badge book.

Sorry again for the long response time,

David Keener