Mini-Store Front for Units

Ability to list items (ideally with pictures) and prices for members to order.

Pack - Pinewood Derby Kit $xx.xx
Unit - Custom Neckerchief slide = $xx.xx
Unit - Custom 2019/20 T-Shirt/Class B = $xx.xx

The thought would be similar to an event, however instead of tickets to the Scout Night at a ball game it’s a T Shirt.

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This has come up before, here are a couple other articles about the same idea, especially @KelsieC response at the end of the first article:

Are you aware you can add individual items to a Calendar event? I realize not the same thing but does give some of the functionality.

Are there instructions somewhere on how to do this, please?

There is this article which has a screenshot:

On the Advanced tab of an event you are creating or editing on the right hand side under the box about planning a recurring meeting there is an Add item link, you can name your item, price and set a quantity available.

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Perfect, I’ll try it out.

Thank you!

Yes, I am aware you can add individual items to a Calendar event. This is what gave me the idea that TroopTrack might be able add an online store feature for an extra Class B T Shirt, Unit Custom Neckerchief slide, a PWD Car, a Rocket, etc. They units would collect the order counts and funds via TroopTrack and bring to their next meeting.

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I like the idea and think it would be a great feature. I would suggest adding your like to the other two articles I copied as well. The more feedback TT staff get the better they can prioritize additional features. That being said it will still take time and testing to develop an idea like this.

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Thank you and I hope they consider it. I think it would be another feature that TroopTrack has and other products does not.

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