Payments/Buying items

Is there a way to pay for items when they are NOT associated with an event? Or pay for part of the item? 2 applications: (1) Set all our inventory online for shirts/sweatshirts, etc for people to buy without it needing to be added to every event? (2) Be able to make partial payments to an event (ex. Summer/high adventure camp). I know this can be done through the accounts but then it doesn’t show up on the event page as paid. I’m a new to using Troop track and trying to set up some of our payments to go through Troop Track, your help is much appreciated - feature may be there but I just can’t find it…

Hi @Osullivanl,

I’m sorry that it’s taken so long for anyone to reply to this.

For your first question yes there are ways to pay for items not associated with events. There is a feature called “fundraisers”. To get to it simply click on “Manage” > Money > Fundraisers (it’s at the bottom of the money box). Here you can add items that you’re selling, and record transactions for those items by individuals who sold them. You can also choose start/end dates (which can be extended since it sounds like you’re just selling inventory).

There is not a way for partial payments, but I can suggest this feature to our tech team.

Let me know if you have any questions,

David Keener