Missing Custom Report Feature

Hi Troop Track Team, for the life of me I can not get “custom reports” to show up. I am in troop track (https://3489.trooptrack.com) and my admin user (the user with full priviledges) is missing the “custom report” function. Is this something that has to be activated and turned on? I see other users talking about it on this forum so maybe I have a bug in my user or site? See screen shot. Thank you!

I recently noticed this as well when someone was asking about the Medical Report that included Allergies. I was able to find them from the Quick Nav, Reports link, then select the specific report or “Go to All Your Reports” link in the lower right hand corner.

This works. Thank you!

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It’s missing from mine as well.

Right it was removed from the Reports menu under Manage, it is only available from Quick Nav, Reports.