Custom Awards aren't showing in Record Individual Progress

Custom Awards aren’t showing in the list when Recording Individual Progress.

I am seeing this, too.

Any thoughts, @dave?


I too am seeing this.

I see the custom award when looking at Manage -> About Your Troop. It is marked as active. But I do not see it to choose at Record Individual Progress. I can select it when choosing Bulk though.

Hi @nicksilkey, @mwestcott1, @BrandyPethel,

I’m happy to help with this.

I was able to test this and the custom awards are showing up on the Record Individual Progress page. Are you not able to see the custom awards there still? I randomly selected a scout and was able to see the custom awards. I did have to scroll far down the page because there are so many awards.

Another suggestion is that maybe the custom award is not checked as “Ready for use”? To see if this is the case, click the gear icon, and then go to custom awards. You can see all the custom awards that have been created. From there you just need to go and hit actions, then details on an award. That will take you into the award. Then hit edit, scroll to the bottom, and make sure the box “ready for use” is checked. Once that is checked that custom award should show up on the individual progress as well as the group progress.

Let me know if ya’ll have any other questions,
David Keener


Thank you, @Keener-Trooptrack!

I think this issue was resolved in another thread a couple of weeks ago?

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Yes this looks like it is fixed now. Thank you.

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