Missing Documents

For Trail Life USA’s “Troop Documents,” or “Shared Documents,” or “National Resources” (the area is known and may be referenced by several names) - many of the documents appear to be missing. Several users are reporting trying to click a link to download the corresponding PDF, but are being met with error pages. This is true whether logged in as a standard user or as a National Admin.

The URL for the main Troop Documents is: https://trooptrack.com/national/troop_documents
Logged in as a Trail Life USA Admin, of course.

From a Troop standpoint, using one Troop as an example, the URL is: https://tl-oh-0013.trooptrack.com/share/troop_documents?active=national

A specific example of a missing document is: https://trooptrack-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/troop_documents/13866/document/original/TLUSA_Pastor_Brochure_Update_MECH_2.pdf

Some of the links and corresponding documents work normally, but there are issues accessing many of the resources. If anyone could look into this and determine what happened, that would be great. Thanks!

The Troop Track developer has identified the problem and is working on a fix.

This has been resolved. Thanks!