How to access Troop Documents from TT web page?

We have a bunch of troop documents… since that interface is currently bit unwieldily (since some documents appear/need to have more than one category), we wanted to create an internal web page to link to them…

However, I can’t seem to figure out the URL to use to point at a troop document.

Please help!!


Hi Eoin,

Great question, I hope this helps:

Press Share > Troop Documents. Click “Action” and Right Click “Download”. Click “Copy Link Address”. Press Share > Private Home Page. Choose or Add the page you would like your links to be on and press “Edit”. Here’s where it gets tricky. Click “Source” and the words in the editor will turn gray. Don’t worry about what’s already on there. Identify the location you would like to add your link and type:

In between the quotation marks, click and right click, then press paste. It should look like this:

Decide what you would like your link name to be. Let’s say we call this one “Quick and Nutritious Smoothies”. This will go between our first “>” and our closing tag as shown below:

Now click “Source” again to display your new link. If it is satisfactory, click “Save Page”. Woo Hoo! You just added a link to one of your troop documents using a little HTML! Great job! Now repeat the process for however many links you would like to make.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for using Troop Track!


Alternatively, you can add a link by moving the cursor to the desired insertion point, click the button, and paste in the link. The resulting dialog box has options for several parameters.