Missing New BY Faith awards for AHG

The new Catholic Awards are listed under religious awards but the BY Faith Award for non-Catholic girls are not showing. Each level can earn the pin once by completing one of many religious patch programs. This is a required item by AHG and shouldn’t be an custom award.

I’m guessing it was overlooked when the Catholic Awards were added because it wasn’t realized that there was a BY Faith (Build Your Faith) Program too.


  • Brandy

This would be VERY helpful, because then we could also run a single report to see who has/hasn’t earned it at each level.

The tricky bit is that the individual programs feed up to it. (PRAY Awards, Back2Back, Bible Belles, REAL Creed, etc. and are different at every level.) But even if it doesn’t automatically populate it would be very helpful to know who has earned it/been awarded it.

THANKS! Sarah Rose KS0252


+1 for this! Second tier would be when a girl earns the BY Faith award the level award is updated also, like when a girl earns a badge it feeds to the level award. May be a bit Mir complicated because the Catholic faith award also qualifies for the level award.


Faith Award (2)_LI

Top to bottom: Blue is for Tenderheart, Red is for Explorer, White is for Pioneer and Gold is for Patriot.

Please add as soon as possible as the awards are retroactive to any girl who has earned the Pray program award, and girls will start earning it going forward.

Hi y’all,

If there’s a PDF file, or other documentation, for this award then we can add it to TroopTrack.


David Keener

Hi David,

Here are the pages that will give you the information needed. Basically when a girl completes one of the items in the list at a level, she earns the activity AND the Faith Award for the level. She can only earn a BY Faith Award once per level but she could earn several Faith Activities. It can be titles B.Y. Faith Award - Tenderheart, B.Y. Faith Award - Explorer, etc.

B.Y. stands for "Build Your.”

Let me know if you need more info!

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Here is the AHG faith awards overview…The B.Y. Faith arrows are after the Catholic awards. Each level has a set of programs that qualify for the award…many of these programs are already in tt. Let me know if you need any of the program info, I’ll see what I can find (ie for Bible Belles Tenderhearts need to do the Hannah and Esther books and the explorers need to do Abigail, Ruth and Deborah to qualify for the Faith arrow.)

It would be super awesome that the first program a girl completes be automatically routed to the faith award arrow, like a badge routes to the level award.

Thanks for all you guys do! AHG had a lot of me stuff this year, and it keeps coming!


(Attachment Faith_Awards_Overview.pdf is missing)

Trying again…Here’s a screen shot, let me if you need something else.

Hi y’all,

I added those BY awards, and any missing requirements for them.


David Keener

Thanks. I’ll check them out and let you know if I have any feedback.