Missing AHG Catholic Faith Award

The Explorer’s Catholic Faith Award patches are missing under the Religious Awards category. They are there for Tenderhearts, Pioneers, and Patriots but I cannot find them anywhere for Explorers. Explorers should have four patches: Explorers Catholic Faith Award - Deus et Patria Mea/God and My Country - Segment 1 (2, 3, &4).

could those be added, please?

Do you have them activated for your troop? Try looking under the main menu bar > hexagon shape (in the middle) > Manage Active Achievements.

When I searched for Deus et Patria Mea, three segments are found for Explorers.
=> Still would like TTrack team to add an entry for Segment 4.

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Hi @MargaretMello,

If you could send documentation for the 4th one (like a pdf file) then I can get it added to TroopTrack.


David Keener

I am not familiar with the current God and My Country faith award requirements. However, the workbook order webpage indicates three Segments (one per Explorer program year), consistent with the TroopTrack record entries.

Perhaps @mcrone has more detail to provide since she was anticipating a fourth segment.

Thank you! For some reason only the Explorer Deus et Patria Mea were not checked while the rest of the Catholic awards were. All fixed now!