Nova & supernova changes

The BSA posted this to Facebook this week. Can trooptrack make the appropriate changes so that these requirements are available to be used? I labeled this as an idea (because it is not a software bug) but seems more like a fix than a suggestion.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Yesterday at 7:57am ·

We are excited to report that the changes to the Cub Scout Nova program were recently approved at the highest levels of the BSA.

The changes impact the Adventure loop requirements and can be found at under the awards button.

Youth now have the opportunity to either earn an Adventure Loop specific to their rank OR complete an option which crosses all Cub Scout ranks. These changes are effective immediately. When earning a Nova, youth can choose whether to use the newly released requirements or the older requirements through 12/31/2017.

Effective January 1, 2018, only the new requirements may be used.


Got it. I think I can do this one so I put it on my personal todo list (hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow).

Thank you.

Awesome! Thanks Matt


Thank you Matt. Were you by able to get the SuperNOVA changes in? I saw the NOVA award updates with the 2017+, but I did not see anything like that for the two SuperNOVA awards.


Still working on it. These are some massive awards and I can only do one a day (if I have time). I took some time off to be with my wife after we had our baby and I’m still in catch up mode. This is still in the works.


I saw one supernova award (cub scout), but what’s the second one?

There is a Cub (wolf and bear) and a seperate one for Webelos (Charles H
Townes). It is on the BSAs Nova website under requirements > Webelos.

Okay, I will work on those more tomorrow. Brain tired. Haha.

Fair enough. Can I request that the Webelos SuperNOVA be the next one. I
have 2 boys working on it as we speak and it would be helpful that the
requirements be visible to then in Trooptrack.

Thanks Matt

Certainly, I’ll do that one next.

Should be there now.

Thanks Matt, I will check it out when I get to my computer.


Looks good. It is there… There is just a minor change:

#1 – It is complete three of the following:
Option A
Option B
Adventures in Science Pin (missing)
Engineer Pin (missing)

#1 – It is complete three of the following:
Option A
Option B
Build It Pin (missing)
First Responder Pin (missing)
Into the Wild Pin (missing)
Into the Woods Pin (missing)

Which ones are these?

Webelos SuperNOVA requirements #1 & #2

Should be fixed now. thank you.

Thanks Matt.

Is there any way to do it where it has a complete date for each options
/pins as well as a description of Option A and Option B. A lot of our
kids/parents use trooptrack as the authority for requirements and that
would be very helpful.

Thank you sir.

In the current infrastructure, no. I can add it in at the bottom or top as an extra achievement under “Option A” but it might look a bit tacky.

I can make a temporary change if you’d like to check that out.