Mobile App Doesn't Stay Logged In

I cannot seem to stay logged in on the mobile app. Running version 4.0.5 on Google Pixel 3a. I have received multiple reports from other Pack members that they have the same issue. I do not know their devices, but since we are just launching the platform, all current members should be on 4.0.5 as well.


Ryan Boze

The mobile app follows the same 30 min inactivity timeout period of the website. It will also log out if you totally close out the app, rather than just allow it to run in the background.

Hi Aaron, I really appreciate the response and it makes me feel better that it is not something I was doing or setup incorrectly. It does lead to my second question though…
I am not getting push notifications. I thought it was because the App was logging out. I have checked all of my Android and phone security settings and pretty sure I have everything allowed or active for the App. I also have the Profile settings in the App turned on. I have also uninstalled and re-installed the app. Can you advise?

I don’t use Android so can’t help much there, you mentioned Security settings but are there Notification specific settings in Android that can be set per app? Hopefully someone else in the Community does use Android and will chime in.