Mobile App: Switch between Troop & Pack

We have several adults that have the mobile app. In order to switch between the pack and troop we have to log out and log in. Is there a way to “switch” like in the desktop web site?

On the iOS Mobile App I am able to switch between my two units. It is under Menu - Settings, then at the top under my name both of my units show up and I can select which ever I want to view. I am assuming they have merged their TroopTrack accounts for both units:
Instructions - PLEASE READ

Many users belong to more than one unit that use TroopTrack. This feature removes the need to have a separate user name and password for each unit. It is NOT intended for people with multiple accounts in ONE unit. It will ONLY merge the accounts if they are in DIFFERENT troops.

Once your account has been merged, you will be able to switch troops without logging out and logging back in. Just click on your name in the top header and select the troop you would like to switch to. You will NOT be able to login with the account entered below once it has been merged with this account.

There is no limit to the number of troops you can belong to.