Merging Two Accounts


Do you have multiple accounts for your multiple scouting groups? Now you can access both of those groups with one account!


Click on your name in the black bar running across the top of the page and then select 'Merge Two Accounts' as shown below:




Then, you should see this page:


Once here, enter the credentials for your other account and then press the 'Merge Accounts' button. Please note that the account you are logged into when you do this is now the Master Account, and the user name and password of the other account are no longer usable. You can access your other troop by clicking on your name and clicking on the name of the troop you wish to access.


Transferring/Copying Members from one account to a second account
One scout in Pack, another in the Troop- can parents view both on the same account?

If I merge two accounts, will I ever be able to unmerge them? It is unlikely that I’ll finish participating in these two groups at the same time.


Yes, but we will need to help you.


I need an account unmerged


Hi @dave need an account unmerged. How do I go about doing that?


Hi, @Aruhlman and @Smith4j! Please email me directly at letting me know which troops your accounts are in that need to be un-merged and what user name they are under.

As a heads-up, you will need to set up a “new” user name and password for the one you are unmerging, or we can simply delete the user name if you have no plans on using one of the unmerged accounts after they have been separated.