Mobile App Update?

Just wanted to check to see if there are plans to update the Mobile app. It seems to be very limited in it’s use. I would love to be able to make payments through the app, send emails to individuals or to a specific group, etc.


Hi @WillHage1. Thanks for asking. Right now our focus is on making the web site work really well on mobile devices. With TT4, coming February 7, you will be able to do all of those things in your browser on your phone.

Thank you so much for updating the iOS app!

I do have a few suggestions of how to make it even better.

  1. Save login info, use Face ID
  2. Build a true offline mode where I can view current rank progress that has been loaded before going offline.
  3. The ability to input an achievement offline and have it uploaded when connectivity is restored. These two features would be AMAZING for backwoods adventures.
  4. Allow users to set a default home page when opening the app, personally I would choose the “Send a text message” or “Send an email” page.
  5. Remove the footer info that is irrelevant on mobile. It really highlights the fact this is just a browser shell and not a true mobile app.

Hi Kraig,

Hi Kraig, I know I answered your email but I am going to respond here just incase others are interested in the same requests. Let me help and address your suggestions:

  1. Using FaceID - The login credentials should be saving. The credentials are encrypted and stored within the app on your phone. Are you not able to keep a login? FaceID is a great idea. Unfortunately, our tech team has a lot on their plate with the new web and mobile app releases. I will put this on a todo list for them, but it might not be added for some time as this is a great feature request, but not an urgent bug issue. I will keep you posted.
  2. Offline mode - We actually tried to include this in the newest release of the app, but it was a heavier lift for our tech team that we originally thought. This has been requested by many users and we have every intention of adding this down the road. We need more time to do this correctly but again it is a less urgent feature request rather than a very urgent bug/problem.
  3. Input achievements in Offline mode - This goes along with the above. We do have every intention of adding an offline functionality to the app. But as the rush of this new release wears off a bit more.
  4. Custom default page - This is a great idea. Thank you for this feedback. Would be a great addition. But again a feature request.
  5. Remove footer on mobile - I have added this to our tech team’s todo list. This is relatively easy and we should be able to get to this fairly quickly.

Thanks again for your feedback. It is great to get a power user’s perspective when building out updates and new features. Let me know if you have any other comments or questions.


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