Money Accounts

Some of our Money Accounts are listed by Scout First Name and Last Name, some are listed by Last Name and First Name. And the name shows up in a different column than others. In one case I have an adult (in addition to his Scout) with a Money Account who does not need one.

How can I edit/adjust Money Account names with these issues?

Mike Banish

It really depends on how the Accounts were entered or if they were changed. How you see then also depends on where you are looking at the list. Manage - Money, List goes by Account Owner last, first name. Manage - Money - All Money Accounts, lists by Account Name.

Aaron, et al. –

Manage - Money, List uses three different formats for the list:

LN, FN (Scout Account)



FN = First Name, LN = Last Name. "Scout Account" literally says,

“Scout Account.” And I can’t figure out how to change these to a
single listing format. Preferably, Last Name, First Name and no

Manage - Money, All Accounts lists everyone by First Name Last Name.

Both lists include an adult -- just one -- who is NOT designated as

a youth by the checkbox. But, again, I can’t delete the account or
change it.

Any suggestions?

Mike Banish

From Manage - Money, All Money Accounts you can change the sort by clicking on the Column header. In order to change the Account name you select Action, Edit, set the name to whatever format you want and select an owner.

If you don’t see Edit in the Action option then perhaps you do not have Mange money accounts privilege?