Quick Nav - Money should not show closed accounts

It would helpful if the Quick Nav - Money list did not show closed accounts. You can always get to closed accounts using Manage - Money - Accounts. The Quick Nav list should be quick to use so having to scroll past closed accounts isn’t convenient.

Why do you have so many closed accounts? If the account is attached to a person and you Deactivate the person then the Money account is hidden from the list all together and only shows back up if you Re-Activate the person.

Our Treasurer creates an account for all the big events and fundraisers we do and usually names them with the year in front. 2016 Philmont, 2016 River Rafting, 2016 Summer Camp, etc. I believe he enters charges to scout accounts with the credit going to the event account. Payments are then made from the event account. When everything has been paid for, the event account comes to $0 and he closes it. Since the year is in the front, all these old closed accounts are the first thing we see when using Quick Nav - Money. Maybe this isn’t how the system was intended to be used, but we’ve been doing it this way since we started with TroopTrack and it works.

Our work-around is to rename the accounts to start with a “z” so they move to the bottom of the list, but not displaying them would be a better solution.

Got it. It is an interesting idea and I can send it over to Dave but it is such a specific use case that I am not sure it will be changed. I think your work around is the best option, I would however suggest using a special character that sorts below any Alpha character, I know there are some but some experimentation will be necessary to do that, it will look visually cleaner and in case you ever get a Z name it will still sort below.