Money Transaction Export ... Transaction ID?

Would it be possible to include a transaction id with the csv export? The ID could be any randomly generated number; but, assigned with each new money transaction and unchanged for that particular entry, even if that entry is modified. This ID would serve as an unchanging key to match against the transaction ID from our bank account download.

I just became treasurer of our troop and am trying to reconcile several years of TT data against bank account downloads in an attempt to eliminate several hundred dollars of breaks. Without a fixed key on the troop track side, it’s challenging to keep TT transactions lined up as each time I find and correct a break and re-export the TT data, I have to make sure the matches remain matched, move things around for new or deleted TT transactions, etc.

I tried creating a custom key from the TT data (i.e. concatenate date & amount & memo, etc); but, it’s far from perfect as there could be multiple $50 entries on 6/5/16 representing a campout deposit. Additionally, if one of those entries needs to be edited (i.e. a $23 deposit really should have been $32), the custom key needs to be updated and remapped.

With a fixed TT key, I could simply maintain a core mapping table and reliably (and easily) match $ after any TT edits through a simple lookup, match, or join.

I searched the forums, help, and FAQ’s and didn’t see this request or solution posted anywhere. Sorry if I missed something existing already. I’m aware of the reconciled check boxes; but, I’ve got to go through hundreds of lines of old data and an export and data crunch elsewhere is much more efficient.

Thanks for your consideration.


I am in awe after reading this request. This person obviously knows their stuff in regard to money (and data) management and should be listened to for suggestions on how to handle them. I support this request 100%. Do you wanna come be our treasurer?

:slight_smile: Thanks for the kind reply! Appreciate the offer; but, one troop is plenty right now! :slight_smile: