Is there a way to see all unreconciled money transactions?

As the troop treasurer, I reconcile the individual money accounts each month when I reconcile the bank statement. This is a very manual process to go into each account to find the unreconciled transactions. Is there a way to separate out the uncreconciled items to make this less time-consuming?

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Hi @KRRBrown,

Your best bet would probably be to go to Manage > Money > All Money Accounts and run a detailed PDF or CSV of the accounts. It’s easy from there to go down the list and see what needs to be reconciled.

But then how to easily reconcile?

I would love to be able to bulk reconcile. For instance: once a “camping” trip is all accounted for, it would be amazing if we once choose the “camping” transactions, and all the transactions for that event are on the screen to be able to check from that window either individually, or better yet, have the option to select all on top of that column.

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I agree it would be useful to be able to view all unreconciled transactions within the TT interface.

Yes, I can export a Detailed CSV to see the individual transactions, but if I want to reconcile any of them, I have to go back and forth between Excel and TT.

Two suggestions:

  1. From Manage > Money > Money Book, make the Reconciled field sortable so I can get all the unreconciled transactions on the top, and in alphabetical order by last name and then transaction date. Then I can easily update the transaction using the Reconciled checkbox.
  2. From Manage > Money > All Money Accounts, put a button that says “Display Unreconciled Transactions” so that when I click it, I get a list of unreconciled transactions, in alphabetical order by last name and then transaction date, that I can then check off in order to reconcile them.


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Hi @KelsieC,

Would you mind seeing if this idea would be doable? I am looking at 22 pages of reconciled and unreconciled transactions, and trying to reconcile some of them (not all of them).

A single “Unreconciled transactions only” check-box would be great. I suppose someone else out there would like to be able to see all Reconciled transactions, so having “Reconciled transactions only” might also be useful.

Sorting by reconciled would be nice, too.
Thanks so much!

I will talk to our developer and see what we can do! :slight_smile:

Hi @KelsieC,

Any update?