Moving service hours earned at one level up to current level

In AHG we have the ability to use service hours earned at one level towards the service star earned at the current level. (earn 3 hours as a Tenderheart, graduate to Explorer and earn 7 more for a total of 10 hours and receive a (red) service star as Explorer. Currently, there is no way to move hours in trooptrack and so the shopping list is not accurate. Can that be fixed?

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Oh YES please!!

Currently, we take that rollover number and enter it manually to the next level. After we promote the girls. Crazy amount of time to do it but it’s our work around.

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I like idea too. But developers would need to make it optional or something, perhaps a setting to allow rollover hours, because not all troops allow hours to rollover from one level to another.

In the meantime, our work-around is similar to Crissi’s (SRUEDU’s) except instead of adding a “rollover total” at the girl’s new level, we edit one or more of the last entries from her previous level, changing it/them to current level. It’s a little more work, but it keeps the “total” service hours for the girl accurate. Plus, esp at the TH level, if a girl had enough for a star at the old level but not the new, it removes the “Add Star” link from the old level.