Managing Service Hours

How do others use the Service Hour Tracking feature once girls level up in AHG?
For example; If an Explorer needs 10 Service Hours for a Star, has earned 58 hours - been awarded 5 Stars but has a remaining 8 hours (not enough for a EX Star), then levels up to Pioneer (15 hrs per Star) - Do you leave the 8 hours in there at the EX level? Has anyone ever entered a minus 8 hours to balance EX level Stars Awarded to EX Hours Earned?

I don’t think you are supposed to delete any hours. In the AHG program I believe the hours should roll over to the new level…I just don’t know how to account for that in Trooptrack.

What we do is take the Service Summary Report for the girls that are bridging and figure out how many hours they have that will roll over. (I think we have a spiffy Excel sheet that can do this that someone made). Then once we promote the girls in the squad, we add a Service Entry for those girls, one by one, and label the Service entry as “Bridging Rollover Hours” or something to that effect. It puts those extra hours in their new level.

I’d love a way to move them up. But for now, this works for us. Hope that helps!