Service stars calculation

Do “unused” service hours (hours that were not enough to make a star) from one level roll up into the next level in the service hour calculation? The Troop Coach at AHG said that they should not. However, it looks like it sometimes does. We had a Patriot who has more stars than her Patriot hours should give her. We are assuming some unused Pioneer hours must have rolled up into that calculation. At the same time though, we had a Pioneer who had hours from Explorer that did not roll up to Pioneer. (Parent insisted that they should.) Looking for clarification from Troop Track’s point of view. Thank you!

Hi @sharona21,

Those hours do not roll over. It sounds like someone may have either created an outside participation and applied the star and deleted it, or someone pointed some other attendance to that level then changed it back.

We used to have those automatically roll over and get awarded when earned but that was before my time and when I ask about it, I get a big NO. I guess there was a lot of unpleasantness or something. I’m sure we will make it a smoother process in the future, but they have to get the bad taste out, first, I guess.

If you have extra hours earned at a previous level, just create an outside participation to roll those over and point them to the new level.


Thanks, Matt!

Sharon Woodruff
Troop Coordinator, AHG PA0304