Need a girl leadership position added

Can we have “Unit/Squad Hostess” added as a girl leadership position? Thank you!!

Hi @mycrookedcreek,

I’ve added that into TroopTrack!


David Keener

Is that an actual Scouts BSA leadership position? I have not seen it before and don’t see it referenced anywhere in BSA literature.

The only leadership position in troop tracks should be the official positions.

I think the OP is of a different unit type like American Heritage Girls, TroopTrack is used for units other than BSA.


This is a position for American Heritage Girls.

TroopTrack is used by lots of different types of troops :slight_smile: Thankfully TroopTrack is great by helping us add in positions that may differ from other organizations or even ones specific to our troop since we can’t add them ourselves.