Need report that shows scouts who haven't advanced in 12 months

Long time TroopMaster user, in process of switching to TroopTrack. TM has a standard report that shows all scouts who have not advanced in a certain period of time. Output is simple and shows name, current rank, date of last rank advancement, and next rank. How do I get this out of TT?


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Unfortunately, we don’t have a report that is exactly as you specified. Feel free to request that as an idea, and if it gets traction, our developers will consider it.

We do have a very similar report though. Go to Achieve > Rank Book and play with the settings and filters there. Achieve > Achievement Overview is also a really good source of information.

Let us know if you have any other questions! Thank you!

Thanks Matt – I looked at the Rank Book and perhaps I am missing something obvious in terms of navigation, but there are very limited filters in this. I only see Complete/Partial/All and Awarded/Not Awarded/All as filters. Is there something else?

I would like to see only the last rank advancement, not all of them. We have 75 scouts and this report is 6 pages long. I can make it work, but so much easier to just see the date of last advancement. Similarly, there is a standard “Ready for Eagle” report in TM that shows you the scouts who are LIfe, what requirements they are missing, and months remaining until their 18th birthday. TT report shows everyone and this is less effective.

@ChristopherTomasch I totally agree with the 12 month report reporting needs on TroopTrack. An inverse report showing all advancement in the last 12 month period would help provide an answer to a question on the Journey To Excellence worksheet.

The Ready for Eagle report on TM was cleaner/easier to get and read than the Eagle Progress report under Canned reports. I copy and paste TT’s into Excel, then make a date comparison from the 18th Birthday."=days((CellWith18thDate),(today())". In another column I divide that number by 365.

This is one area that I thought TroopMaster is better. Almost everything else is superior on TroopTrack.

My other favorite reports are the:

Individual History Report becasuse it had the entire Scouting Career listed, Requirements, Merit badges on Requirements, Partials MBs, Activity nights, miles, service hours, Special awards, OA,Leadership history.

The TT Board of Review Worksheet is close but only shows the current rank.

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@ChristopherTomasch and @MatthewPodraza,

Will you guys please provide more descriptions of the features you’d like? Screenshots would be very helpful, too if you can get them. We strive to make TroopTrack as awesome and user friendly as possible. Some features take longer to develop than others, but if you guys can show me a little more and we get some more support from the Community, our developers will definitely consider it.

Thank you!

My vision for such a report.
Select time frame Not Rank Advanced since X Date (input by user)
Rank Filter (Rank being worked against)
Patrol Filter

Search against the Database.
Find Scouts who had not had a rank advancement (by virtue of Completed Dates on ranks and date input above)
Scout Name, Patrol, Last Rank, Date of Last Rank, Months Since Advancement. Date of most recent requirement completion within that Rank.

Give option to export to CSV.

I agree this is something that would be useful. Soft of like the last time they did a merit badge, advanced or were active at all to see who is progressing and who is not.

I think rank book is hard to use. Trying to see precisely how many scouts need particular requirements. That is:
12 Scouts need First Class reqt 1;
10 Scouts need FC 2;
3 Scouts need FC 3;
12 Scouts need FC 4.

This would help plan agenda and activities by identifying the common denominator.