Is there help on the Troop Eagle Progress?

I cannot figure out what the Next Rank Progress and Eagle Progress columns are saying. Is there a help page on the report, or can someone tell me what those columns are?


Hi @paulggardner,

I’m sorry for any the long wait time for a response. I’m currently going through the forums trying to answer people’s older questions that were unanswered.

You can navigate the progress report by scrolling down to the bottom of the report, and using the scroll bar to see the complete lists of columns, or you can also use the arrow keys on your computer to navigate side to side once in the Eagle Progress Report.

Let me know if you have any questions,

David Keener

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack,

Thanks for checking old questions! That’s a thankless job :slight_smile:

I wasn’t referring to how to navigate the report viewer. I’m unclear on the two columns mentioned in my original posting : Next Rank Progress and Eagle Progress.

They don’t seem to line up with the Achievement for respective ranks. For example, I have a number of scouts (This is BSA) whose next rank is First Class (2016). But the column will say something like “11/60”. Where did the 60 come from? I can’t count more than 38 requirements. For the Eagle Progress, it’ll say “7/12”, but where did the 12 come from? My book only lists 7 or 16 if you count the merit badges in req 3 separately.

I don’t know if there’s a problem with the report, or do I not understand what the report is telling me? I’m assuming the latter, since that’s the more common case.

Is there a delay on the report generation? I noticed that one of my Eagles hadn’t been updated, but when I changed him to recognized with all the requirements filled out, the report still showed 7/12 in the Eagle Progress column.

Hi @paulggardner,

It’s not a problem!

I apologize that I misunderstood your question. It sounded like you were just having trouble viewing the things in the report.

So for the Eagle Progress the 12 is the total number of merit badges required for Eagle. Like how a scouter can earn First Aid, Citizenship in the Community,Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communication, Cooking, Personal Fitness, Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving, Environmental Science OR Sustainability, Personal Management, Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling, Camping, and Family Life. If you count here there’s more than 12, but they need 12 of those for their Eagle. A scout can have a lot of merit badges, but without those 12 then they can’t earn the rank of Eagle.

Rather than requirements what’s being shown is the Merit badge progress. For First Class and Tenderfoot there’s no specific number of merit badges, so a bigger number is given just so the scout can see how many he has done. But later with life and star that number is lower because there are certain merit badges that they have to earn for rank advancement.

For you last question that depends on if the badge he worked on was one of those required for Eagle.

I hope that makes sense,

David Keener

It does. Thanks for the explanation.