Report Status

Having another tab in TroopTrack labeled “Status Report” would be a helpful tool for the unit advancement chair. The status report would helpful in finding error in dates between the council dates, TroopTrack dates, and files sent to council thru uploads. If a date is missing from council for example, that can be manually entered or uploaded into TroopTrack, that would let the advancement chair know the file note excepted at the council. Also, if a date is at councils, why? Did a scout transfer from another council or another troop that may use another tracking software. Also, it would be helpful if a merit badge entry could indicate if it’s from a MBU or Summer Camp and note when or where. This is very helpful when a new advancement chair replace a prior advancement chair and looking at old paper files from years past.

Also, having the scouts DOB and calculate the date of their 18th birthday along with a count down of Years, monts and day. Also for the date when a Scout join the troop. This would help the Advancement chair, Scoutmaster, ASM, the Scout parents, and the Scout an real timeline to complete their Eagle Rank before the cutoff of their 18 birthday.

As for the scout rank, how long a Scout been at their current rank. This will help the Scout see they may become a Lifer for life if they have not moved up the ranks in the past three or four years as an example.