NEW FEATURE REQUEST: Allow single user default to All Events in Calendar


As and AHG Troop Coordinator, I need to see everything on the Calendar more often that I want to see my daughter’s events only. It would be great if I could set my calendar to default to All Events without changing the whole troop’s default. It is especially annoying when I’m working on or updating multiple events and have to reset the calendar to All Events every time I go back to it from the event I’ve been working on. Any chance this could be done?

Thanks for considering,


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Hi @TCMD0714,

I think that’s a nice feature to that could be added on. I will get it over to our tech team. Currently if you click the gear icon, edit troop settings, and then click webmaster tools it will take you to a page where you can adjust the default calendar view for everyone.

Sorry for the long response time,

David Keener