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Can you possibly change the calendar so that it does not default to “events that family members are invited to” to “all events.” This is confusing a lot of the parents because they are not seeing meetings/events. I do understand that they can just click the all events button but not every parent remembers that. Or maybe have a calendar settings button so that everyone has an option as to what they want to see on the calendar.

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Your TroopTrack account owner can go to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings and change the Default Calendar View for All Users to “All Events”. That would be up to the leaders and account owner though. Ask them and see what they say.

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This needs to be, and should be, an individual setting.

Some of my leaders make events and do not properly invite people, and thus are
invisible to us more senior leaders, and more than a few events have fallen through.

Hi @DonaldFox,

Every TroopTrack user can see all events by clicking “All Events” button in the calendar. It’s just a couple of clicks to change it so it defaults to this, but most troops and families only want individuals and households to see events that pertain to them. We’ve made it really easy to be adjustable to however you’d like it to be.

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Yes, but if I change from one month the next, I must click the show all events, each time.

Hi @DonaldFox,

Sure, we can consider making that a feature. :grin:

Let’s see if more people in the community are experiencing anxiety because of this. If we find the problem is ongoing or vast, we would be glad to make a change here.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Another issue with it, just sent to me by one of my peeps…

Look at calendar, with All events listed. Select an event, and delete it.

Calendar defaults back to Events I have been invited to. You need to reselect
Thanks. thats all I have, my $0.02

Hey again @DonaldFox,

I really appreciate your engagement here. We appreciate any customer who helps us make our product a better one.

The solution I originally presented to you may be your best option for now. Set the default view to All Events" rather than just ones a family member is invited to. It defaulting back to just those events is the way it was designed to work unless you change the system default.

That may be your best solution until we have time to further consider your request.