Calendar - All Events should be the default

I like that there is a way to see All Events AND a way to see only what my Scout is invited to. But it would be better for the default to be on All Events. When a parent logs into TroopTrack and sees the calendar, they should see everything that is going on with the Pack! They could then filter down to their personal events from there. Not the other way around. This is especially important if they are trying to plan something and don’t want to plan it on top of something else!

For example, I have a Wolf parent who is planning a den outing in April. When she opened the calendar, she didn’t see any conflicts. But she wasn’t invited to the Pinewood Derby Council Race, so she didn’t see that it was on the calendar. Had the default view been All Events, she would have seen it immediately.

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Many many many users have argued the exact opposite of this. Having everything viewable on the calendar often causes chaos. Parents will see events for specific dens or leadership meetings and show up when they aren’t supposed to, etc.

We’ve determined, after a mountain of feedback, that the default of “Events a family member has been invited to” is the best option, but we’ve built in a way for you to change the default for your personal troop/pack.

Manage > Settings > Edit Troop/Pack Settings, Webmaster tools tab.

Thank you

I just happened to stumble onto this screen on my own. Yay!!! Thank you for having the option out there. I think it will be better for our Pack.