NEW FEATURE: Save on transaction fees with the shopping cart!

This is what I am currently working on. We’ve decided to add a shopping cart because 1) it is commonly requested and 2) the way event items works in TT3 is not compatible with the upgrades we’ve made.

We’ve generally tried to avoid adding new features to TT4 so far because it’s such a big change, but I think this one is unavoidable and will be welcomed. Here’s a video showing the cart in action. It will also work for RSVP’ing to events as well, though it’s not shown in the video. We may eventually add the ability to create a unit commissary you can use to sell items with.

The shopping cart will allow your users to make multiple purchases (RSVP’s, event items, etc) in one transaction, which will save you on transaction fees from Stripe and PayPal.

In this video I add multiple items to my cart from two different events.


Since you are doing this (and THANK YOU! as we need a more integrated way to make purchases), can you also fix the RSVP and event fee structure to match (e.g. Scout RSVP and Fee, Youth (non-scout) RSVP and Fee, Adult RSVP and Fee). We commonly have different fees for each of these categories.

1: Could you have the items list its own section so that it stands out more? As it is now it is more hidden below a bunch of other info.

2: Possibly have the items list mapped to the RSVP, so that there is only one transaction type. So if you RSVP yes for a youth, you need to have a youth or other item in added to your cart to complete the RSVP if payment is required.

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I’ve added #1 to the to-do list. For #2, I’m confused. Are you saying don’t let people buy items for events unless they RSVP’d that they are going?

#2 would replace the purchase ticket item when RSVPing to an event that has the setting that requires you to pay for an event before your RSVP is accepted.

I just pushed an update that includes a shopping cart for RSVPs.

Here’s a video of the final cut of the shopping cart feature. Check it out!